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VIPM 2023.3 (build 2523) for Windows - Release Notes

What's New

  • VIPM now works with any LabVIEW Runtime greater than or equal to 20.1, to simplify installation process and avoid installing older versions of LabVIEW runtime if a newer version is installed (VIPM previously required exactly version 20.1 of the LV Runtime)
  • Fix #26 (and its duplicates #23, #24, #25) affecting various user input dialogs (e.g. palette item renaming caused the dialog to get stuck and not close)
  • Fix #31 fixed issue where VIPC would sometimes switch to System target instead of correct LabVIEW target and VIPC file would not be applied.
  • Improved package building in LabVIEW 2017-2019 (some improvements make for packages saved in LV 2020 and greater were back-propagated to work with older LabVIEW versions)
  • Speed-up of VIPM startup time for first launch after installation (installer now includes a cache of package info of latest versions of public packages)

See also: list of fixed issues for 2023.3


Please see the VIPM 2023.3 Release Candidate Announcement for download and installation instructions.

Questions or Comments?

Please post questions or comments in the VIPM Beta Forum

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Please report it in the VIPM Desktop Issue Tracker or the VIPM RC Forum.